How-to: Step-by-Step Technology Guides 

The following is a series of technology-related guides or “how-tos” that cover a wide variety of assistive technology-related subjects. We take a step-by-step approach to each subject, and by adding a visual cue such as a screenshot to each step, we make it exceptionally easy to follow along. If we’re missing something that you’d like to see covered in a future How-to, please let us know(new window).

A computerHow-to: Access MS Office and OneNote for free online(new window)

In this guide, we show you how to access a free, online version of MS Office and OneNote.

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USB drives How to: Properly use USB Drives(new window)

In this how-to, we look at some tips and tricks for using USB-based storage devices, and we’ll show you how to safely remove your USB device when your finished using it.

Related to: General Accessibility 


An iPadHow to: Use Guided Access for iPad(new window)

Guided Access is an iOS-based accessibility feature that locks users into specific windows for increased focus and concentration. This guide teaches parents and AT users how activate, use, and shut off Guided Access.

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A keyboardHow-to: Work Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts(new window)

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to more efficiently navigate your computer, and for individuals with mobility challenges, they are a great way to reduce physical strain when using a computer.

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