“The earlier your assistive technology can be adjusted to meet your current tasks, the more likely you are to be successful.

1. Test your assistive Technology

Check to make sure your assistive technology is in good working order. Do you need new batteries? Is the device charging correctly? Now is the best time to make sure everything is working properly. Does your operating system, software and/or apps need to be updated? Take the time to ensure your assistive technology is up to date and running smoothly so it doesn’t slow you down when the work gets going.

2. Organize your filing system

Regardless of what app or software you are using, set up your filing system in advance. First start by cleaning up what you already have. If you won’t need access to these files, file them away in one folder by year and start fresh. Create folders for each one of your subjects. This will help you stay organized and help you to find things easily. See more tips for organizing your notes here(new window). Using program like OneNote is also a great tool to keep everything from notes, handouts, pictures of the board, links, videos and even audio clips, all colour coded, date stamped and searchable together in one place. Check out OneNote and its features here(new window).

3. Have your tasks changed?

Are you taking a new course that requires you to do different tasks? Does your current assistive technology support these new tasks? Or do you find as your work gets harder you would like your assistive technology to do more? The beginning of the year is a good time to discuss these changes with your resource teachers, learning strategists, student support services or even to contact the AT HelpDesk(new window) for support. The earlier your assistive technology can be adjusted to meet your current tasks, the more likely you are to be successful.

4. Learn something new your assistive technology can do

The beginning of the year is a great time of year to check out a new feature of your assistive technology. Talk to other students using the assistive technology, check out YouTube or browse our past e-bulletins, you never know what else you might learn about your assistive technology that may make you a more effective learner.

Have an Apple iPad? Check here(new window) for learning and literacy supports like Speak Screen available on your iPad.

With the right assistive technology for the right task, you can be more independent in your learning and strive to reach your full potential.

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