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Do you have students with AT in your class? Not sure how to connect with them through their AT?

Quizlet (new window) is a great way for teachers to connect with students who use assistive technology in the classroom and even those who don’t. Introducing technology into the classroom gives an alternative to traditional teaching methods and in a generation of tech savvy students it gives teachers a way to relate to their class.

What is Quizlet?

It is an app that allows you to create simple and easy studying/learning tools for an enhanced classroom experience. Use creative ways for students to study course material, such as flashcards, games and online quizzes.

Who can benefit?

Students who struggle with memory – Repetition plays a key role in committing information to memory. Quizlet offers multiple ways for students to learn, practice and test their knowledge.

Audio/Visual Learners – Quizlet allows students to add pictures to vocabulary definitions. Visual images can add another layer to learning, as well as provide textual clues that enable students to better comprehend the material. It also has a text to speech feature which allows terms and definitions to be read aloud enhancing students’ grasp of pronunciation.

Students with attention issues – Quizlet is very interactive and requires student participation promoting active engagement.

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Why we like it:

Easy to use – it’s as basic as creating a set of flashcards. Class material can be created quickly, and easily shared with students.

Different methods of studying – it combines the traditional flashcard use with multiple ways to study, practice and test your knowledge.

Multi-media – It uses audio/images to help students who are audio/visual learners.

Sharing – teachers can share their study sets with students and vice versa

Free content – Teachers can save time and create class material quickly with millions of pre made study sets created by people all over the world.

Cross Platform – teachers can connect with students, regardless of their device.

Cost – It is a free online resource/App that lets you use all the core features, however, if you want to be able to add your own audio/images, track student progress, etc. you will need to upgrade to Quizlet Plus ($19.99 USD/Year) or Quizlet Teacher ($34.99 USD/Year).

What can Quizlet add to your class?

Once a study set is created, it can be used forever. Students and teachers can collaborate on study sets, ensuring students are actively engaged in all parts of the learning process, and, because Quizlet is so accessible, study sets can be adapted to each student’s needs, they can design their study sets in a way that works for them.

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Technology can be used as a supplement to teaching. It engages students, and allows them to learn in an environment they are familiar with or are already comfortable using such as a laptop or smartphone. Quizlet is also a medium for students to learn on the go, through the use of the Quizlet App on their smartphones and tablets. So whether you’re in class, at home or in the car Quizlet can maximize your study time.

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