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October is Learning Disabilities month, so for this month’s e-bulletin, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite apps designed to assist individuals who struggle with learning difficulties. While there are many great assistive technology options for PC and Mac, this list will focus on mobile options. Apps tend to cost much less than PC or Mac alternatives, and because the apps are designed for tablets and smartphones, they provide AT users with unmatched portability and mobility. Although this is by no means a complete list, the following is meant to showcase some of those apps that shine above the rest.

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ModMath (new window) (Math) – ModMath is an adaptive math app that allows students to solve math problems with a virtual piece of graph paper. Whether it’s a simple addition problem or a more complex algebriac equation, ModMath can do it all. The app also allows users to print, email, or save equations through the cloud. Available on iPad.

Alternative App: MyScript Calculator (new window), available on iOS and Android.


voice dream reader logoVoice Dream Reader (new window)(Reading) – Highly configurable and used in over 80 countries, Voice Dream Reader is one of the most advanced and widely used text-to-speech apps available. With a wide array of voice and accessibility choices, Voice Dream Reader is built to give you options. Available on iOS and Android.

Alternative App: Natural Reader (new window), available on iOS and Android.


inspiration software logoInspiration Maps (new window) (Writing) – Inspiration Maps is a powerful organization tool which allows you to brainstorm and organize your ideas in an intensely graphic-focused format. Using a simple drag and drop interface, this app is designed to encourage creative and logical thought, and to inspire users to get excited about organization! Best of all, you can take your mind map and turn it into an outline with a click of a button. Available on iOS.

Alternative App: Mindomo (new window), available on iOS and Android.

notability logo / logo notabilityNotability (new window) (Notetaking) – Notability is a powerful yet simple note-taking app that allows you to take notes how YOU want. Allowing you to write with your own handwriting, record and sync audio notes, write annotations, import webpages, and more; Notability is all about giving you creative freedom. Plus, you’ll always be up-to-date with your notes, as iCloud automatically syncs to your iPad, iPhone, or Macintosh desktop, and also is compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive. Available on iOS.

Alternative App: OneNote (new window), available on iOS and Android.

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Office Lens (new window) (Scanning and OCR) – Office Lens is a straightforward scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) app that allows you to scan, trim and enhance pictures, documents, and whiteboards, and convert them into editable documents, or import them directly into OneNote. Available on iOS and Android.

Alternative App: Prizmo (new window), available on iOS.


logo claroPDFClaroPDF (new window)(Reader) – This powerful PDF reader is built with accessibility in mind; with integrated switch accessibility and text-to-speech options, ClaroPDF lets you listen to,  annotate and mark up PDF files. It also contains OCR capabilities. Available on iOS.

Alternative App: Adobe Reader (new window), available on Android.





*To see more on what iOS has for built-in accessibility features, click here (new window). To see more on what accessibility features are included with your android device, click here (new window).

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