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Fall is upon us. School is in full swing, and everyone is back to the grind. Whether you are in class or preparing for your next meeting, chances are you may need to take some notes. There are many great apps out there designed to help you stay organized by keeping your notes, ideas, photos, scribbles, documents, web links, and even audio and video clips all in one spot.

So which one is for you?

Here are AT Specialist Charles Levasseur’s Top Picks:


OneNote Logo This is our new favorite app – One Note(new window). Now available for free on all your devices! What we love about this app is the visual way it organizes your notes not only in notebooks but with section tabs along the top of the screen and also separated into individual pages down the side. This makes it so easy to find the note you are looking for. This truly multi-function device will also allow you hand write with a stylus and then convert it to digital text You can also include pictures, images, checklist, etc. If you are a Microsoft Office user, One Note integrates well and is an easy transition with a familiar interface.


Not the app for you? This is only one of many available. How do you to find the best app to suit you? Think about the following:

  • What tasks are you trying to accomplish?
  • What is your environment? An office, cubicle, lecture hall, small classroom?
  • What are your strengths and your challenges in this area? Memory, listening, handwriting, etc.?
  • What are your personal preferences?

Trying out a few different solutions is the best way to find out what works for you. Here are a few additional suggestions:

Evernote logo

Evernote(new window), best described as a digital filing cabinet is also free and available across platforms. Though simpler in its visual design, it more than makes up for it with a great search feature that searches all your notes! If you like to save web links, the Evernote web clipper feature is a definite bonus. It also has great sharing features for social media and allows you to add reminders to notes with the click of a button.


Ginger logo

If you are taking notes in the classroom, a lecture or a meeting, we love the versatility of Notability(new window) as a digital notebook. For only $6.99, this app allows you to record what is happening and sync it with what you are writing. But you will need either an iPhone, iPad or Mac to take advantage of it. Aside from typing notes, you can add a sketch and pictures as well as your recorded audio making it easy to review what happened in your class, lecture, or meeting.


MyScript logo

Prefer to hand write instead of type? Like the convenience of using a smartphone or tablet? MyScript(new window) brings you the best of both worlds for only $2.29 on iPad or Android. Using a stylus, you can take great handwritten notes on your tablet or phone. This app will even convert your handwriting and math formulas to digital text.



Recordium logo

Not one for writing words but want a way to record and organize your classes and meetings? Recordium(new window) is just the app for your iPad or iPhone. For $9.99, this app lets you record audio and also allows you to highlight, tag, attach notes and pictures in sync with your recording. You can even edit the audio clip when you are finished.



Simplenote logo

Find all of these apps with all their fancy features overwhelming? Simplenote(new window) may be for you. This free minimalist note taking app gives you the foundational features of a note taking app and a clean interface without all the extra features that you may never use. It is also available cross platform.




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