drawing of a head with bubbles of a tablet, pen, laptop, book and calculator / Dessin d'une tête avec des bulles d'une tablette, stylo, ordinateur portable, livre et calculatrice


An item or piece of equipment that can be used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities.

Who uses Assistive Technology?

Anyone can use Assistive Technology (AT). People use assistive technology everyday to perform tasks in their lives and do not even know it. Typically people who have disabilities will use assistive technology to help them accomplish tasks they would otherwise not be able to do. There is no specific person or criteria for who should or should not make use of Assistive Technology. The focus is really about the ability to perform a task. These technologies can support an individual to perform tasks in all aspects of a person’s life, from home to school, work and play.

Types of Assistive Technology:

There are many types of assistive technology from low tech such as highlighters to help with reading and note taking to High tech item such as an iPad to help someone communicate. Here are some of the main categories of Assistive Technology:

  • Communication 
  • Ergonomic
  • Computer Access 
  • Hearing and Listening 
  • Reading 
  • Daily Living 
  • Seating and position 
  • Education and Learning 
  • Vision
  • Environmental


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